Introduction to Ichinawa/One rope techniques – 30th March 2014

Style(s): Japanese/Eastern. Connective.
Level: Beginner and up
Capacity: 8 attendees
Venue: Private venue in North Lanarkshire

Description: Small hands on group session on one rope/ichinawa techniques. Due to venue constraints there will be only 8 places available. This is an introductory session and will be repeated again in the future.

Required knowledge/equipment: Competence in any variant of the single column tie is essential. You should aim to bring your own rope although some can be borrowed on the day. This session will presume the use of traditional length kinkbaku rope (7-8m ropes, natural fibre, 4-6mm diameter)

Please register your interest in attending using the RSVP function or by mailing directly. Please only reserve a place if you know you can attend.

Planned ties:
片手首縛り – Katate kubi shibari- Single wrist binding
変形前手縄 – Henkei Mae Te Nawa – Variation on tied hands in front of body
寝猟 – Ne-danuki – Hunting sling

This is the first small group workshop for STORE.

STORE workshops are run by volunteers and everyone is welcome to request topics or host workshops of their own. Simply get in touch to discuss.

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